World Cup: Tim Howard Gives All Glory To God

Tim Howard World Cup

The internet has been abuzz over U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard’s valiant performance in Tuesday’s 2-1 knockout loss to Belgium in the World Cup. Howard recorded 16 saves, the most of any World Cup keeper since 1966, when the tournament started recording such stats.

Thousands of people have already signed a White House petition launched Tuesday, seeking to Change the name of Washington National Airport (DCA) to “Tim Howard National Airport”.

Not long after Howard’s fortress-like defense on Tuesday, someone changed the Wikipedia entry for “United States Secretary of Defense” to feature the goalkeeper instead of Chuck Hagel, the actual defense secretary. The page was quickly updated, but not before the change made the rounds online.

Howard himself gives all glory to God for his achievements. Continue reading

Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Issues: Interview

One of our Breakaway Outreach interns recently interviewed me for her school project on juvenile delinquency prevention.  I loved her questions and she gave me permission to share them along with my answers here.

1. What made you want to help children/youth/juveniles/at risk youth?

Jimmy: I experienced fatherlessness and abuse as a child and later ran away from home, ending up in a juvenile center where a father-figure who happened to be a minister, took me under his wings, led me to faith in Christ and mentored me for years. My compassion for the plight of others was born out of my own personal grief and God’s redemption in that grief.
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NBA Finals: Why the Spurs Are Dominating the Miami Heat

NBA Finals, Game 4: San Antonio at Miami

Spurs Dominating Miami Heat

The San Antonio Spurs have put the Miami Heat on the brink of elimination—in dominant fashion. The Heat have won a game by 2 points, the Spurs have won games by 15, 19 and 21, taking a 3-1 series lead in the NBA Finals.

A Bleacher Report article breaks down how the Spurs are decimating the Miami Heat defense:

Through a philosophy that believes in sacrifice and smart execution, the Spurs are beating up on a team that boasts the best all-around player on the planet—and a super-talented duo of sidekicks on top of that. Much to Pat Riley’s chagrin, it’s San Antonio that’s doing its best impersonation of the 1980s Showtime Lakers.

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Summer Camp for Prisoners’ Children: Year Eight

We are just days away from launching our 8th season of summer camp for prisoners’ kids and other at-risk children!

Summer camp is always an adventure… for the children as well as the adult counselors and mentors who have the opportunity to pour so much of God’s love into these precious young lives.

Recently, we have written about Antwon, the youth who attended our very first summer camp in 2007 as a prisoner’s child, and eight years later, will be going on his first overseas mission trip to Germany this August. We’ve also asked you to pray for Ryan… Continue reading

Don’t Waste Your Life Quotes

“I am wired by nature to love the same toys that the world loves. I start to fit in. I start to love what others love. I start to call earth ‘home.’ Before you know it, I am calling luxuries ‘needs’ and using my money just the way unbelievers do. I begin to forget the war. I don’t think much about people perishing. Missions and unreached people drop out of my mind. I stop dreaming about the triumphs of grace. I sink into a secular mind-set that looks first to what man can do, not what God can do. It is a terrible sickness. And I thank God for those who have forced me again and again toward a wartime mind-set.”

― John Piper, Don’t Waste Your Life

Mother’s Day Tribute: Mom’s Night Out Film

From HOMESCHOOL to HOLLYWOOD! An open letter of encouragement from one homeschooler to another! (From Jon Erwin, Producer Mom’s Night Out)

Have you ever been told you weren’t normal? That you didn’t fit in? Well, twenty five years ago, that’s exactly what was said to a wide eyed ADHD bundle of rambunctiousness named Jon. Even though I was making A’s and B’s, for the sake of everyone else’s sanity, I was told I had to do kindergarten AGAIN because I was a “disturbance to the class”. Continue reading