How To Know God

Sometimes it’s hard to get beyond all the religious clutter and truly know God. Here is a simple path to knowing God personally, and growing in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Abiding In Him | Devotions

Taking a few minutes to focus on the Bible is a challenge for many of us but vitally important to our faith. Subscribe to “Abiding In Him” and get the latest devotional in your Inbox once a week.

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Blog Posts

I write about ministry, missional leadership, family, culture, global church issues, spiritual growth, discipleship, outreach, youth advocacy, faith issues, and random thoughts of madness.

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Five Loaves, Two Fish: Your Little Is Never Too Small In The Hands of a Big God

Maybe you’ve been wrestling with feelings of inadequacy over what you have to offer God. Eleanor Powell is credited with saying, “What we are is God’s gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.” But for many of us, our gift to God doesn’t feel like much. That’s why I love the story of Jesus miraculously feeding five thousand men, plus whatever family members were with them, with five loaves and two fish.

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