Gideon: Bible Camp Theme or VBS Curriculum

Gideon Bible story camp theme or VBS curriculum on the Old Testament book of Judges. This resilient “overcomer” story will resonate with kids in many ways.

2012 Uncle Wilbert Summer Camp Adventures

Every year at Breakaway’s summer camp for at-risk youth and under-served children, Uncle Wilbert and Aunt Sally Mae do a video skit for the kids. Here is last year’s 2011 Uncle Wilbert Adventures and this year’s 2012 sequel, for your spiritual enlightenment and twisted sense of humor! Comment and LIKE on Facebook.

5 Ways You Can Pray for Summer Camp and Broken Families

Breakaway Outreach will be facilitating multiple camps throughout the summer for prisoners’ kids, under-served children, and at-risk youth. Our first camping experience kicks off in just a few days (June 4) in Robbinsville, North Carolina. Here are some specific ways you can pray for our summer Kidz Camps…

Leadership Thoughts on NFL Free Agency

Today kicks off NFL free agency. There are many big name players in the market: Peyton Manning, Vincent Jackson, Reggie Wayne, Mario Williams. Here are some leadership questions I believe are healthy to ponder when considering any free agent prospect, whether an athlete, a business hire, your church leadership, or any organizational development.

1. Do they LOVE the game?… or merely love the spotlight. Some players just can’t get enough of the spotlight. Others have a genuine love for the game and their joy for playing always shows through regardless of the uniform they wear or the salary they make. Does your prospective employee have a real love for your industry or product, an enthusiasm for your marketplace, a passion for your organization, and a genuine interest in the people or customers you serve? Or are they just looking for a paycheck? Will they honor your team’s brand simply because they love what it represents, not because its logo is on their paycheck? Does your new church member have a genuine love for God and people, and a passion to reach people with the Gospel at any cost, or are they just looking for a community to showcase their individual spiritual gifts? A player who plays solely for the love of the game is a dying breed. When you find this in a free agent, sign them!

The Battle for a Generation

I love these words adapted from Ron Hutchcraft’s book, “A Battle for a Generation,” pp 11-12.

Never in the history of the Life Saving Service (set up to rescue people on the North Carolina’s Outer Banks beaches) did a drowning person come to the door of the station asking, “Would you please rescue me?” In every case, someone had to leave the safety of the station to save lives.

Today, our life-saving station probably has a steeple with a cross on top. The title of the life-saving talk is on a sign out front, along with the name of the Head Rescuer. Inside, people are singing life-saving songs and having life-saving committee meetings. The station is a great place for the rescuers to have their needs met, their strength built. And it is the best place to bring people after they are saved. But it is not the best place to rescue people. In fact, when it comes to lost teenagers, most will probably not come to our life-saving station. If we wait until they do, most of them will die.

Youth ministry, Jesus-style, requires the courage to leave our comfort zone and plunge into the surf and the storm – as He did. Our rescue efforts will take us into places that are not comfortable, into methods that may not be understood, into a youth culture that is out of control. But that is where the kids are who are dying emotionally and spiritually.

In a sense, our work is not even youth ministry. It is war. A battle rages for a generation of young people – and the winner owns the future. “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you” (John 20:21 ).

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