Gideon: Bible Camp Theme or VBS Curriculum

Gideon Bible Story for Kids

Gideon Bible story camp theme or VBS curriculum is based on the Old Testament book of Judges. This resilient “overcomer” story will resonate with kids in many ways—Gideon was born into family hardship, his future looked bleak, he struggled with injustices, his people were forced into “social distancing” due to Midianite oppression, he had feelings of insecurity and inferiority, he faced insurmountable odds, and yet he saw God come through despite those odds. Gideon came to see that His LORD was the GOD OVER ALL THINGS (G.O.A.T.).

This resource was designed as a camp curriculum for children 8-12 years of age but can also serve as a VBS theme, a 5-week Sunday morning children’s ministry teaching series, Sunday School curriculum, Backyard Bible club, or kids’ sports camp curriculum. It’s also a fitting resource for homeschooling parents, or those facilitating their own Vacation Bible School during times of “social distancing” due to Covid-19.

  • (DAY ONE) God Has a Plan Even When Life is Hard
  • (DAY TWO) God Wants Us to Worship Him Alone
  • (DAY THREE) God Is Bigger Than Our Doubts and Fears
  • (DAY FOUR) God Wants Us to Trust and Rely On Him
  • (DAY FIVE) Jesus is The One True King

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A Gator Hater’s Guide to Loving Tim Tebow

As a recovering Gator Hater, I am going through a 12-step program to help me deal with my animosity toward orange and blue. Well, not exactly. More like a recovery program to help me accept another Gator championship for the sake of cherishing the bigger picture.

Honestly, I have tried to pull against Tim Tebow all year but it has been a nagging struggle. This young man is everything I want my son to be. Courageous. Passionate. A cultural rebel. A man who loves God and fears nothing. A man who makes good on his word.

After Florida’s sole loss to Ole Miss earlier in the season, Tebow held a press conference declaring, “You have never seen any player in the entire country play as hard as I will play the rest of this season and you’ll never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push everybody the rest of this season and you’ll never see a team play harder than we will the rest of this season.”

He backed up those words with actions the rest of the way as Florida rolled, winning their next eight games by an average of nearly 40 points – then delivering in the championship title game against Oklahoma.

They say even Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas to bed at night.

He’s a product of the right kind of homeschooling – not the kind that shelters kids from the rest of the world, but the kind that prepares them to engage the world. I want all of my kids to experience the same kind of moral fabric, spiritual strength, relational skills, leadership qualities, boldness, and youthful maturity that Tebow personifies. Every sports analyst I have heard who has interviewed Tebow says his maturity level is beyond his years. Yes, we all want it to be said of our kids.

Tim Tebow is an incredible role model for all of us who want to follow Christ with more passion, resolve, and sheer doggedness. And because of this, we can forgive Mr. Tebow for being a Gator. At least temporarily.

We will just love him more when he leaves Gainesville for the NFL.