Resistance Training and Unanswered Prayers

Daniel 10 reveals how God’s delays are not so much about unanswered prayers as much as unfinished business.

Ever Felt Like a Spiritual Charlie Brown?

Maybe your prayer life has felt like Charlie Brown trying to kick field goals. You always miss the uprights and end up on your back.

Surviving the Crisis, Thriving Post-Crisis

A woman in Jacksonville, Florida had not seen her husband in 114 days after a state order barred visitors to nursing homes due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A Titanic Lesson and The Writing on the Wall

Before that fateful sinking in the Atlantic Ocean, Titanic’s Captain Smith reportedly ignored seven iceberg warnings from his crew and other ships.

Nebuchadnezzar: The Insanity of Pride

None of us are immune to pride. Nebuchadnezzar, the ancient Babylonian king, can teach us a great lesson about pride and humility.

Cancel Culture and a Fiery Furnace

Cancel Culture and a Fiery Furnace: Has your faith ever caused you to act on principles that got you into trouble with the culture or social norms?

When Will We Have Justice and Peace?

The Bible proved to be accurate in its ancient prophecies. God’s historical track record gives us great confidence over the affairs in our world today. Justice and peace will one day be realized.

Rising Above the Hostility of This Age

God never puts us in a time and place to merely conform to our environment, but to “come out and be separate,” as a people who are different.