Failure Is a Part of The Story

As we come to the conclusion of our devotional series in the study of Gideon, we see that one of Israel’s most famed heroes doesn’t finish strong as a leader.

Downsizing: How God Sets You Up for Success

Downsizing is something that God has used throughout history as a peculiar means of positioning His people for something really big.

Putting a Fleece Before The Lord

Gideon puts God to the test in order to guarantee an improbable victory. Was it commendable, or was it the desperate act of a weak and insecure faith?

God Doesn’t Call the Equipped, He Equips the Called

Have you ever felt like God required something of you that you were not capable of delivering? I think Gideon did.

Syncretism and Those “Functional Gods”

God’s response to religious syncretism is much more direct and candid than my wife’s response to culinary syncretism.

When We Need the “Edification Chair”

I once heard a child psychologist say that for every negative statement a child hears about oneself, they need seven positives to reinforce their self-esteem.

You Don’t Belong In That Cave

Gideon’s story in the sixth chapter of the book of Judges begins in a time of crisis and desperation. The Israelites had drifted far from God's decrees.

Misplaced Trust: How Are You ‘Faithing’?

In Isaiah 31, we see God calling His people to stop trusting in man and to begin faithing by trusting in Him during a season of uncertainty.

What Is The Purpose of Your Strengths?

In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul uses the brilliant illustration of the human body to relate the importance of Christ-followers working together for God's kingdom purposes.

The Weight of Worry

It’s been noted that you can be as unfaithful to God through worry as well as through worldliness.