Among Lions: Daniel Bible Study Series for Youth & Young Adults

"Among Lions" is a four-session youth Bible study series for teens and young adults, featuring lessons from the Old Testament story of Daniel.

Misplaced Trust: How Are You ‘Faithing’?

In Isaiah 31, we see God calling His people to stop trusting in man and to begin faithing by trusting in Him during a season of uncertainty.

What Is The Purpose of Your Strengths?

In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul uses the brilliant illustration of the human body to relate the importance of Christ-followers working together for God's kingdom purposes.

The Weight of Worry

It’s been noted that you can be as unfaithful to God through worry as well as through worldliness.

Beast Mode and The Prosperity of the Wicked

Have you ever found yourself frustrated—even angry—at the prosperity of the wicked? It can be hard to navigate these emotions.

Whose Side Are You On Right Now?

So many of us want to know: Is God on my side? Do I have the moral authority on an issue? That's why Joshua 5 is so important.

Dealing With Your “Invisible Monsters”

We serve God differently under faith as opposed to discouragement. That’s why our enemy is so intent on discouraging us through critical voices.

What Biblical Leadership Looks Like

Eliashib shows us that servant leadership isn’t a deluxe or supplemental version of leadership; according to Jesus, it's the only kind of leadership.

Build Your Kingdom Here and Opposition

Nehemiah considered the cost of obedience. He understood the kingdom of God always has its opposition.

Be Bold—And Mighty Forces Will Come

We don’t have a resource problem as much as a vision problem. Too often we focus on the dilemma of our needs rather than the blueprints of God’s agenda.