Zach Leaves 9 Behind

Today is my son’s last day as a 9-yr old. In honor of that, I asked Zach (he recently decided he no longer wanted to spell his name “Zack” and, no, it’s not because he’s running from the law!) what the Top 9 highlights of his life have been to date. His random thoughts, though not in any particular order, were:

1. Coming into this world and meeting you guys (his family).
2. Watching Star Wars the first time.
3. Being there when Kenzie was born (his baby sister).
4. Moving to Tennessee (I think this has to do with the camouflage in his wardrobe!)
5. Being baptized by Dad.
6. First mission trip to Germany.
7. First family vacation in Boone, NC.
8. Learning movie-making (he’s a Lego Movie Maker junkie!).
9. Playing baseball.