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  • Hope from Charlottesville and Spain From Charlottesville to Spain, I see images of HOPE that evil will be overcome with good. How are you doing at guarding your heart from the anger, vitriol, and hostility that has become the social norm of our time?
  • Overcoming Intimidation: Facing Our Fears What do you do when you don’t know what to do? When you feel small and powerless? Jehoshaphat shows us that fear isn’t necessarily the absence of faith; it can actually be a catalyst for faith when it leads us to the right place.
  • Are You a Thermometer or a Thermostat? Are you a thermometer or a thermostat? One is a reactionary instrument to its surrounding environment, while the other affects its environment.
  • Don’t Miss The Dance Don’t miss the dance! Never let fear reduce your life to the role of a boat-preserver when you’ve been called to walk on water. Get out of the boat!
  • Fighting the Wrong Battles The danger in fighting the wrong battles is that we may find ourselves in the very throes of fighting against God himself, while convinced we are serving His agenda.
  • Faithful In The Little Things God wants us to see the BIG in the small. Our faithfulness in the little things reveals much about the condition of our heart.
  • You’re a Good Good Father The Fatherhood of God: He is a good and perfect Father. There is none to whom we can compare Him. He is always the contrast, meant to be worshiped.
  • Training Ourselves to Please God One of the sure marks of a maturing believer is an increased desire to want to please God. They often think about this question: Does it please the Lord?
  • Covered in the Dust of Your Rabbi Lessons from Mary and Martha: The answer to worry is not to try really hard to stop worrying. It is to be covered in the dust of your rabbi.
  • A Mother’s Day Devotion: Reflections From a Farewell Letter Paul’s reflections on how Lois and Eunice, the primary disciplers in Timothy’s life, gave the world an infectious servant-leader.


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