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  • When It Feels Like You Are Sinking One Thing Remains: Eventually the waves will calm. The winds will cease. The waters will subside. But the one constant will always be the steadfastness of God’s love.Read more
  • Ebenezer: Stones of Remembrance Memory enables us to bring the joys, dreams and lessons of yesterday into today. As we recall God's faithfulness, we remain centered and growing, and we move forward …Read more
  • The Ugly Dachshund One of my favorite classics is the old Disney film, The Ugly Dachshund, about a Great Dane who thinks he’s a dachshund. A misguided sense of identity leads to all sorts …Read more
  • Billy Graham & the Question God Will Never Ask Oftentimes when one lamp goes out, the world feels a little darker. But we need to remember that God is faithful in every generation. The question the Lord will never ask …Read more
  • Cultivating the Soil of Your Heart Though the Holy Spirit is responsible for producing the fruit in our lives, we are responsible for pulling out the weeds. Read more
  • Our Refuge in The Storm God is our refuge in the storm. He wants us to take courage in times of distress and uncertainty. In Psalm 31, David moves from desperate pleas to unbridled praise!Read more
  • A Super Bowl Underdog Paul pleaded three times for his weakness to be taken away. Then he learned the spiritual art of letting his life become a canvas for God to magnify Himself through weakness.Read more
  • Wrestling With God: Jacob the Luchador Jacob wrestles with God in order to get past his past. Like so many people today, he didn't have the confidence to face the future because of the guilt of the past.Read more