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  • The Cave of Depression One of the aspects of the Bible that has always comforted me is the fact that it is filled not only with the overcoming narrative, but also with the transparency of the …Read more
  • Help My Unbelief! In Mark 9, a troubled father appears to be dealing with a heart crisis. His "Help my unbelief" plea is one of the most authentic prayers of the Bible.Read more
  • Are You Stuck in a “Shame” Narrative? Whether it’s been one of defeat, disappointment, failure, embarrassment, shame, or smear, Isaiah has a firm admonishment for those stuck in the narrative.Read more
  • God’s Enduring Word, Unfailing Love God's enduring Word assures us of His unfailing love. No man can thwart God’s imperishable Word just as no sinner can extinguish His unrelenting love.Read more
  • Remembering Your Position A Navy instructor taught his soldiers, “If you ever lose sight of the target, just remember your position.” Your position in Christ reminds you who you are in a world …Read more
  • Jesus Doesn’t Negotiate With Spiritual Terrorists Jesus has no confederacy with that which seeks our demise. He doesn’t even entertain a conversation where the dialogue is intent on disgracing us. He doesn’t negotiate …Read more
  • Zacchaeus: Only a Momma’s Love None of us are worthy of salvation when Jesus meets us on life’s broken road. His love breaks through all those voices that scream, “ugly, unloved, and unwanted”—and He …Read more
  • Knowing How to Fall How to fall safely is one of the first things they teach you in gymnastics, horseback riding, and other activities involving the propensity for high impact injuries. We …Read more