Five Loaves, Two Fish: Your Little Is Never Too Small In The Hands of a Big God

cover-five-loaves-155Maybe you've been wrestling with feelings of inadequacy over what you have to offer God. Eleanor Powell is credited with saying, 'What we are is God’s gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.' But for many of us, our gift to God doesn't feel like much. That's why I love the story of Jesus miraculously feeding five thousand men, plus whatever family members were with them, with five loaves and two fish.

If we think this story is just about food we are missing something really essential to how God longs to relate with us, His children.

I seriously doubt the little boy in this story set out to be part of a miracle that day. We can bet that he didn't wake up that morning expecting Jesus to be able to take his small lunch and feed an entire city. If the boy had held back his lunch because he thought it wouldn't be sufficient enough to make a difference, it would've remained little. But that boy became part of an epic story on a day when Jesus took his small lunch and used it to show forth God's limitless Kingdom and infinite supply. Jesus uses inadequate people with limited resources to show forth His power, His provision, and His adequacy.

This story found in all four gospels boldly underscores that great things can happen when our inadequacy meets Christ's sufficiency. I believe the Lord performed the miracle in this way to teach the disciples that His method for meeting the needs of a lost world is through people—utterly, seemingly insignificant, small people, I might add. That's what this short book is all about.

Are you feeling a little inadequate today? Remember, God can perform miracles in ways that are infinitely beyond our capacity for understanding, yet the God of this universe wants us to know that our little means so much to him. Whatever your seemingly insignificant five loaves and two fish may be, in the hands of God, they are a miracle waiting to happen. Your little can never remain little in the hands of a big God.

Table of Contents

Five Loaves, Two Fish: Your Little Is Never Too Small In The Hands of a Big God
Chapter One: Recognize the Needs Around You
Chapter Two: Realize That God is Up to Something
Chapter Three: Refuse to Be Paralyzed by Inadequacy
Chapter Four: Rightly Steward the Brokenness
Chapter Five: Resist the Need for Recognition

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